Dead Island Save Editor

A save editor for Techland's Dead Island games.

Supported Games

Dead IslandDead Island: Definitive EditionDead Island: RiptideDead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition

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Inventory management screen where one can modify inventory items, reassign quick slots and add new items to the player inventory or storage.
Manage your inventory items.
Mods/Collectibles screen where all or individual mod blueprints and collectibles (ID cards, news, tapes) can be unlocked, see stats of blueprints, add custom blueprints and see required craft parts and base weapons.
Unlock mod blueprints and collectibles.
Skills screen allowing easy player skill respecialization, resetting of skill trees and easy tweaks that can be toggled on and off.
Fine-tune your skills.
An interactable map screen where fog of war can be painted onto the map to conceal visited areas or erased to reveal them.
Reveal the map interactively.